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Music Video: Sliimy - "Wake Up"  


The music video for "Wake Up", the first American single from French singer Sliimy. His debut album, "Paint Your Face", will be released on September 15th, 2009.

Photographer: Martynka Wawrzyniak  


Photographer, Martynka Wawrzyniak was born in Poland, moved to New Zealand at the age of eight and now currently residing in New York for the past ten years. Martynka was selected as one of PDN’s 30 emerging photographers to watch in 2006. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, New York magazine, Purple and other international publications. Her past exhibition entitled 'Ketchup' took place early last month at Envoy Enterprises in New York City. For more of Martynka's work visit

Fashion: Two and Three Finger Rings  


VERAMEAT is Vera Balyura, a teller of winding tales in search of the extraordinary. Born in Ukraine, she recalls woodcarving with her grandfather, horseback riding in Utah & moving to New York to be a high fashion model all before the age of 14. Each design reflects a personal (yet universal) inspiration—from traveling the world, making music, maritime ny sagas, botanical structures of light, futuristic visions of rogue spacemen in beer, and before history. Each piece of VERAMEAT jewelry mirrors a self-sufficient life form with a sculptural presence. Hand-crafted in New York City from such fine materials as ecologically sound recycled silver, copper and pure 14-25k gold, VERAMEAT designs are artfully refined contemporary heirlooms.

VERAMEAT’s collection is characterized by richly articulate surfaces, wearability, and subtle details exacted with precision inherited from her grandmother, a surgeon. VERAMEAT is featured in a special selection of New York stores including Catbird, Plum, Operations, Lori McLean, Madewell, Old Hollywood in addition to the London-based Kabiri and CA based ReForm School and many more. Purchase these pieces below and many more at

The most comfy vampire teeth duster! Great for late nights on the prowl! 5.5 to 8 index finger. Like all Verameat's dusters this sweet treat is also great for your pressure points thus making you more relaxed while fierce.

Really comfy two finger ring; helps you feel relaxed by pressing on your pressure point’s between your fingers.

Everybody’s Talkin, written by Fred Neil, inspired this people ring. There’s a hot young dude in a stylish hat, a lady in a beautiful low cut dress with big purse & of coarse the guy who’s just about falling off the deep end.

Very cool and classic three finger ring design. Index finger is sectioned off from next two fingers which can roam together. Verameat can also put your initials into the bar with old typewriter style letters.

Music Video: Röyksopp - 'Happy Up Here'  


Official video for Röyksopp's 'Happy Up Here' from the 'Junior' album. Directed by Reuben Sutherland.

Animation: 8-Bit Trip  



Video Art: I'd Like To Be  


Abstract stop frame animated short by David Firth. I'd Like To Be is about a man who leaves his wife and kids and buries himself. Music by LOOM.

Artist: Merijn Hos  


Merijn Hos, also known under his alias, Bfree is an Artist and
Illustrator from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Since graduated in 2004 from the Utrecht School of Visual Arts he divides his time working 50 percent as an Illustrator working on commercial projects while the other 50 percent of his time is dedicated to his own projects such as exhibitions and independent publishing.

The main characteristics in his work are at first sight long-legged characters with high-heel shoes and big hairdo and freckles, a lot of colours and abstract psychedelic landscapes. But when it comes to content, you will find a lot of elements such as ghosts, life and death, friendly and cute expressions and hidden messages. A lot of the work reflects on issues in today's society and everyday interaction between people in terms of escapism, organized confusion and friendship and loyalty.

Spring - Vector Illustration

Good Musique

Candy Brains

Mixed media on canvas, 120x160 cm

China Ink on paper, Untiteld serie, 50x70 cm, 2008


Video Art: Ecological Apple  



Music Video: Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes  


The official music video for Animal Collective's song 'Summertime Clothes' from their newest album entitled 'Merriweather Post Pavilion' on Domino Records. Video featuring the Brooklyn based FLEX dance crew. Directed and edited: Danny Perez - director of photography: Ryan Samul - producer: Lizz Morhaim and Daniel Grossman


Glimpse Back: Bad Brains at CBGB's in 1979 and 1982  


If you're not familiar with Bad Brains then shame on you; so here's the time to get aquainted. Below are three videos from when they played at New York City's late-CBGB. The first video is of them performing 'Pay to Cum' and the last two are of 'Banned in DC' and 'Big Takeover' from 1982. Watch the crowd go wild!! One of Rive's best glimpse back entries.

Photographer: Romain Laurent  


For more of Romain's photography visit:

Film: Trailer for Le mystère Picasso  


The trailer for the 1956 movie, 'Le mystère Picasso' directed by Georges Clouzot. A filmed record of Pablo Picasso painting numerous canvases for the camera, allowing us to see his creative process at work.


Music Video: Vania & The Master - Forget  


German group, Vania & The Master's song 'Forget' made by Vania Oliveira, Moritz Reichartz and Michael Fragstein.

Artist: Peter Root  


Artist, Peter Root explains the art that he creates is the result of experimentation and play. He states, "These experiments can involve highly repetitive and mantra-like procedures or can be simple, spontaneous responses. These experiments include dense and garishly coloured drawings, ephemeral and architectonic installations, meticulous sound edits and mythical, never-ending scenes created from looped video clips." Yesterday we conversed with Peter to discuss his experiments, inspirations and much more. Visit for tons more of his amazing work.

Untitled, 2008: Ink and pencil on paper 100x60cm

RIVE: Obviously architecture has played a big influence on you. What are some of your influences and any famous architect or engineer you look up to?

PR: I've always been extremely interested in architecture and have used it as a reference for my work since I can remember. When I was at school I had thought about studying architecture, as I was fascinated by technical drawing and model-making. However I began to realize that i was more interested in the conceptual and presentation stages of architecture rather than the desire to create anything directly functional like a building. Up until about two years ago I worked as a graphic artist and model-maker for an architect firm MooArc. The job introduced me to a variety of software and digital techniques that have all filtered into my artwork; see my Google Earth Sculptures. I love the sci-fi aspect of the work by Archigram especially the concept drawings for the Walking City. 'FUTURE CITY - experiment and utopia in architecture' was a fairly recent exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London that featured an astonishing selection of retro-futuristic architectural work, including a beautiful model for 'Crater City' by Jean-Louis Chanéac.

With regards to engineering, there are no specific engineers whom I look up to however I like to collect images of super structures like the Three Gorges Damn in China, Large Hadron Collider, motor-ways, factories, German Bunkers and generally anything complex and structural. At the other end of the size scale, I like to combine this interest of fairly 'serious' man-made structures with smaller more domestic, fragile and light-hearted things like staples, potatoes and bathrooms etc.... Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt of Semiconductor Films have created some inspiring films and animations; Mini-Epoch-Series and Inaudible Cities.The work of artist Tom Friedman, specifically his combination of mundane objects and materials with unbelievably time consuming processes. The architectural interventions of Richard Wilson. The complex and ephemeral installations of Sarah Sze. The amazingly detailed and colourful digital landscapes by eBoy.

RIVE: Explain more information about your interest in making video loops?

PR: During the last three years I have been lecturing on a Media Production course, and as a result have spent a lot of time working with students who are experimenting with video and video editing. Initially I began to create video panoramas by stitching clips together in the same way as as you would with images. What interested my with these panoramas was that although the static elements within the landscape remained unchanged from one clip to another the transient elements such as people, cars, clouds etc... would be different in each clip. As each of the clips are a different duration they all loop at different times, which results in a panoramic landscape that is always changing and never repeats itself. 'Cycle' is one of a new series of work in which the title of the clip has a more fundamental relationship with the content of the work and its creation process. 'Tide ediT' is another clip that I'm currently working on which consists of a looping wave lapping the shoreline.

RIVE: Are you currently working on any new projects?

PR: I always try to work on several different projects simultaneously; something involving digital technology and another using a more traditional technique like drawing or carving. I find this to be a successful way to work as it often happens that the two projects merge and introduce unplanned possibilities. The Sound Reactive Drawings are a good example of this merger of traditional and digital techniques. Currently I am working towards an exhibition at the studio I share with four artists. I have been using potatoes to create units to build with, a little like Lego. Potatoes are perfect for building free standing structures, as the starchy moisture acts as a type of glue helping to keep the units together and as the potato begins to dry the units bond together (this fits with the rules that I apply to the other structural 3d work I make: structures have to be pure - without glues, tape or other forms of artificial connection). As the potatoes dry, harden and sometimes go moldy this also adds an element of life to the work, meaning that the structures evolve, change shape and colour and then finally 'die'.

Transformer Laminates (350x150cm) Transformer was part of Peter Root's degree show at the University College Falmouth. Transformer is a precarious assemblage of balanced, folded and slotted sheets of metal. It was this version of Transformer that won a place at the Saatchi Gallery's 'Your Gallery' exhibition in 2006.

RIVE: What has recently been a big challenge for you as an artist?

PR: One of the biggest recent challenges was finding a place to setup a studio. Guernsey (in the Channel Islands, UK) where I live, is small island of approximately 24 sq. miles and is a financial centre. As a result, space is a premium and until the recent economic situation there were very few buildings/ spaces that anyone was willing to rent to artists for less than a fortune. A positive aspect to the 'credit crunch' is that more buildings are being left empty, although this isn't good for the Island's immediate economy it means that landlord's are being encouraged to look elsewhere for potential tenants.

Level 00001 (Save the Princess): Coloured pencil on paper 59 X 45cm

RIVE: At the moment, what music have you been listening to and books are you currently reading?

PR: I'm really into electronic music, folktronica, techno and reggae. Specifically artists like; Autechre, Plastikman, Tuung and music played by Rob da Bank ( a british DJ). Autechre's two albums: Incunabula and Amber are some of my favorite music to work to, especially when I'm working on anything using intensely repetitive processes. I'm just coming to the end of two books - A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson and Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.


Film: At Land  


Maya Deren's second experimental film, At Land (1944), reinforces her interest in the juxtaposition of anachronistic spaces and introduces a critique of social rituals. This film begins by reversing the natural rhythm with images of waves breaking and descending back into the sea. Starring again, Deren is seen climbing up a dead tree trunk on the beach, magically emerging onto a table where a formal dinner party is in progress. This 'civilized' world ignores Deren as she crawls along their dinner table. By depicting herself as invisible to the diners, Deren highlights the myopia of the guests. The dinner sequence in At Land ends with an enchanted chess game. A pawn falls from the table and descends back into the dead wood on the beach, it falls over rocks, into the water and is washed away over the waterfalls. Chasing the pawn, Deren is restored to her original landscape. - Wendy Haslem

Plia Designs for the Fashionable Wired  


Blackberry, ipod, Palm we all have one or other these days. And while some of them are the trendiest looking electronics around we still refuse to live without them. Thanks to Jill Partain at Plia Designs we can now hull our gadgets around without looking like we need pocket protectors.

Luxe Hardshell
Does double duty with a wonderful velvet lining. yum.

Bellini Clutch
is an elegant, smart approach.

Kangaroo Case
a fun, flirty classical option.

Jacket Case
is a hand stitched python & snake print. Makes for great ice breaker.

And the best part? All cases arrive packaged in Plia's custom gift box tied with a satin ribbon. Every case except the Luxe Hardshell has its own dustbag. My favorite, the Kangaroo Case or the Bellini Clutch with the jeweled front. Can't decide!

Film: Pigeon Pilfer  


Pigeon Pilfer is Michael Stevenson's senior film from San Francisco State University. It was completed in four months with sixty pounds of clay, a digital SLR camera, and one tiny hot room. Check out or follow @stopmotioner for more info.


Photographer: Tomaas  


For more of Tomaas's photography visit:

Film: Shadowplay  


In August of 1945, in a closing chapter of the second World War, a blinding flash lit the sky over Hiroshima. The places that were shielded from that searing light became permanent shadows on the city's walls and streets, while the city itself was decimated. "Shadowplay" is the story of Akio, a shadow of a young boy, who wanders the city searching for his family, while trying to make sense of the unfathomable atrocity. Dan Blank's Shawdowplay was the winner of Los Angeles Film Festival (Best Short, 2002), 2002 Student Academy Award (Bronze) & 2003 Student Emmy Award (Gold).

Written, Animated & Directed by Dan Blank
Produced by Dan Blank & Cynthia Allen
Cast: Jennifer Kato, Takeo Matsushita, Jun Kim, Ako.
Music: Ryan Shore

Artist: Raewyn Haughton  


Raewyn Haughton is a illustrator/designer from Melbourne, Australia. Inspired to illustrate all things, Raewyn is especially inspired by small children, fluffy dogs, noodles, moss and seaweed, confectionary packaging, sea creatures and people's grandparents. All works below were drawn in ink and colored with Photoshop.




SCINTILLATION is an experimental film made up of over 35,000 photographs. It combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques. Directed by Xavier Chassaing and music by


Music Video: Streetlight Manifesto - Would You Be Impressed?  


Animated music video for Streetlight Manifesto's song "Would You Be Impressed?" from the record "Somewhere In The Between" --

Photography: Summer 2009 Nightlife  


From our frequent contributing New York City photographer, Atisha Paulson: "Summer in the city is hot....too hot...but we're making the most of it. Staying cool the best we can."

Artist: Zachary Brown  


Artist, Zachary Brown was born in Delray Beach, FL but currently lives outside of Atlanta, GA. His artwork could be considered contemporary non-objective or even modern abstract. Zachary's technique has constants but says he is devoted to developing continually and always hopes to find new ways to execute the works he dreams up in his head. He also states his vision is to be aware of what his comfort zone is and never allow himself to settle there. For more of Zachary Brown's paintings visit:

"Poppy Field" - 48″ x 36″ - acrylic on canvas

“Pistol and Stamen” - 18″ x 24" - acrylic and mixed media on canvas

"Ovum Rex" - 20″ x 16″ - acrylic and mixed media on canvas

“Les Fleurs” - 20″ x 16″ - acrylic on canvas

“Social Networking” - 16″ x 20″ - Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


Music: Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out  


Mayer Hawthorne's video for Just Ain't Gonna Work Out which was released on a red, heart-shaped 7-inch single by Stones Throw. Directed by Henry DeMaio.

Video Art: HAPPYSAD  


video based on a endoftheworld-movie
"Vozvrashenie Mushketerov" by Georgi Yungvald-Khilkevich
starring Mikhail Boyarsky
music by Marek Zebrowski and David Lynch
director of photography Sergri Tartushnikov
video by Anatoliy Ulyanov

Art: Ola Voyna Furniture  


For these and many more of Ola Voyna's designs visit their website at

Red Verti is a double seat with glittering red fabric and a coffee table with travertine red marble.

Lunar Red is composed of a chair, a double seat, a table, and a stool. The seat, double seat and stool are upholstered with an interesting pattern and the table top comprises well-matched

Calumet is a very cozy couch with a shape that typifies the Ola Voyna commitment to innovation and originality with a unique wrought structure. It is painted black with a partial, delicate covering of copper plating.

Root With Stone is a table painted brown, gold and green. The stone table top comes in well-matched Rainforest Brown marble.

Flames is composed of a couch and a double seat with a split-cushion back rest, and a folding leg rest.

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