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Fashion: Matthew Williamson for H&M  



Artist: Wiley Wallace  


26 year old artist, Wiley Wallace currently resides in California and Arizona with over 15 solo and group exhibitions worldwide. His work is vibrant, refreshing and overall outstanding. He states his inspirations consist of: 'lazy days, old photo albums, daydreams, memories, scary stories, mochi and long mixes' ... View more of Wiley's amazing art at:

"Helping Monsters" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"

“Jolly End” - Acrylic on Canvas - 72”x 72

"Pony Is” - Graphite and Gouache on Paper - 12" x 12"

Film: Adam Taylor's Dracula  


One of 6 new films featured in Galaxy454's Short Film Collection Volume II. Available now at:

Artist: Rebecca Sherman  


Rebecca Sherman is an oil painter living in New York City. Her paintings feature urban constellations, fireworks, explosions and illusions. The images ( inspired by New York City’s architechture , city lights, energy, sound and movement) create a dialogue between the real world and its surreal imitation. She participated in Group shows at The Chelsea Market Gallery and The Christopher Henry Gallery from 2004-2006. In 2007 Rebecca began a new series, Architectural Astronomy, that applied constellation forms and imagination to her surreal reflections. Rebecca's current projects of 2009: 'Musical Architecture', a series of oil paintings that are directly inspired by music and dance; and ‘Green City’, an art project composed of mixed media paintings, collage, prints and installation.


Film: Greed  


By: Swedish character animator, Alli Sadegiani

The Real Last Emperor: Valentino  


The film can be seen at The Film Forum in New York City, Chicago, and California in several weeks. For those who can't see the entire film (yet) feel free to enjoy the trailer below.


Artist: Brooke McGowen  


"Art is a powerful weapon against stupidity and intolerance", says Brook McGowen. Check out more of Brook's political paintings, drawings, sculptures and text at:


Fashion Has Gone To The Dogs  


Now even the most pampered purse dog in Beverly Hills can own his or her own Christian Loubarkins or Chewnel No.5.

Want To See The World Through Karl Lagefeld's Eyes?  


Now you can, at least to some extent. This new tote/ clutch can be purchased at for a mere price of $2,032 or you can rent it at a la Louise from St Louis in Sex and the City for around $51 a week. The dimensions are as follows: Tote-12"L x 1"W x 13"H, and a 3" handle drop. The clutch form is 12"L x 1"W, and 8"H. either way you wear it, we can guarantee that Uncle Karl is watching over you.

Music: Thru-you No. 01  


Kutiman from Israel recently put together 22 different videos contains different people, sounds, and instruments from all around the globe. This is the outcome. Enjoy and be amazed!


Dance: Rogers and Astaire  


If you haven't heard of Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire; they are quite possibly the most famous dancing duo ever paired. Of the ten musicals they made, here is a clip from one, 'Swing Time', made in 1936. 

Jean-Michel Basquiat Does Foot Wear?  


Not exactly but this pair of open toe booties designed by Bionda Castana certainly resemble the late designer's work however these seem far more fitting for an art exhibition then a afternoon stroll to The Met.

Photographer: Hadriel Gonzalez  


Fashion photographer, Hadriel Gonzalez, originally from New York but now in Florida, produces excellent high fashion photographs.

[Model: Yasmine Tiana | Make up & Hair: Alvin Matium | Wardrobe: Dereck Francois]


Mannequins Or Models?  


Sure, Nigel Barker may have taken the first fashion story for American Photo last September using only Mannequins because--according to him "We had to use mannequins because people can't stand still for an hour". Nigel may have predicted the future but it's Maison Martin Margiela who is following in Nigel's footsteps with his Spring 2009 collection.

Artist: Brian Donnelly  


Toronto based artist, Brian Donnelly states, "I try to maintain a sense of honesty as well as a sense of humor within my work."  This is apparent! As most artists do, he aims to create an open dialogue between the work and the audience. Although you will notice Brian's work has a much deeper dialogue than what it appears. In doing so, he blurs the line between painting the verb and painting the noun.


Fashion: Michael by Michael Kors Fall 2009  


Just when you thought the Michael by Michael Kors line was destined for fashion victims(rhinestone encrusted logo tees anyone?) This fall collection managed to hit us with faith reneweing gusto for the "lower end brand". The collection included updated shift dresses in animal prints, acid wash, houndstooth, and black and white looks which may inspire some to bring back the sixties. In addition his accessories and footwear were thrown into the mix which helped make the looks runway ready as opposed to cheap imitation.

Glimpse Back: Rare Color Photographs from the FSA-OWI  


The best-known FSA photographs are in black and white. Less commonly seen are the color photos by FSA (Farm Security Administration) and OWI (Office of War Information) photographers, shot between 1939 and 1945.

Photo by John Vachon. Dr. Schreiber of San Augustine giving a typhoid inoculation at a rural school, San Augustine County, Texas, 1943.

Photo by Russell Lee. Jack Whinery and his family, homesteaders, Pie Town, New Mexico, 1940.

Photo by John Vachon. Workers leaving Pennsylvania shipyards, Beaumont, Texas, 1943.

Photo by Alfred T. Palmer. Woman machinist, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California, 1942.

Photo by John Vachon. Boy near Cincinnati, Ohio, 1942 or 1943.

Food: Ice Cream Bowls in Paint Bucket  


Set of 4 ice cream bowls in a faux paint can. Clever! You can order this and many more cool kitchen items from:


Film: Paris-Moscou  


The film made its debut during Chanel's Pre Fall 2009 collection

Directed By: Karl Lagerfeld

Starring: Edita Vilkeviciute

Art: American Gothic 2000  


"I spend great amounts of time studying the old masters as well as contemporary artists" -- this is clearing shown in David Thomas's paintings.

American Gothic

American Gothic 2000, Oil on canvas, 45"x62"x3", 2000

Photographer: Mara Catalan  


protest of zapatistas in zocalo

cafe in divridi turkey

buscadora de oro. galicia spain gold finder

bread makers

Photographer, Mara Catalan was born in Madrid in 1967. She is the granddaughter of Ramon Menedez Pidal, one of Spain leading 20th century humanists, and the daughter of Diego Catalan, a disciple of Menedez Pidal and a Medival scholar. Some of Mara’s earliest memories are that of traveling with her father through rural Spanish villages recording popular ballads and songs (Romanceros) later to be transcribed for his research. Her interest in photography started on these journeys with her father, his stories and as she began to record the world seen through the eyes of the village people and their customs.

In 1990 Mara left Spain for New York City and began work as a photographer and professional B&W printer freelancing with different magazines and collaborating on artist’s projects. In 1995 she traveled to Chiapas, Mexico, driven by an interest in the people of that region and their ways of life. She found work restoring negatives in Gertrude Duby Blom’s photography archives at the Na-Bolom Museum in San Cristobal de las Casas. Her arrival in Chiapas coincided with the Zapatista uprising and over the two years that she lived there she made numerous trips into the jungle one of the main Zapatista strongholds. La Realidad, which became the subject of one of her mayor photographic projects “La realidad: La otra cara de un pueblo Zapatista”.

In 1997 Mara returned to New York and began working as a B&W printer at Magnum Photos. She specialized in fine art book printing, exhibition printing and commercial reproductions. She has printed some of the great work of Magnum photographers: Erich Hartmann’s “Queen Elizabeth”; Paul Fusco’s “Chernobyl legacy”; Robert Capa’s “Death of a Loyalist Militiaman” and “D-day Normandy”; Bruce Davidson’s “Central Park”, Bruce Gilden’s “Facing New York”, “Coney island” and “Go”; Larry Towell’s “Mennonites”; Dennis Stock’s “James Dean” and “Audrey Hepburn”; Burt Glinn’s “Cuban revolution”. She has also made prints for Elliot Elliot Erwitt, Chien Chi Chang, Leonard Freed and James Nachtwey.

In 2002 Mara opened her own lab in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in 2006 she extended the lab to include a photography space “Studio304”. Apart from photographing and printing, Mara now holds a monthly Slideshow at Studio304 that showcases new work from young photographers. For more of her extensive work visit her website:


Fashion: Designer to Watch - Ellie Owen  


Economics isn't exactly a top priority when it comes to fashion, after all we've embraced ensembles that cost more then a years rent. Now, the economic downturn has managed to hit the fashion industry full force including toned down runway presentations(no lions, tigers, and bears at McQueen), fewer show invites(Thanks to Marc Jacobs the socialites will have to sit this one out--theres room for editors and buyers only)--That is until Ellie Owen proposed his own version of "A Bailout Plan" and it had nothing to do with the DOW. the nine piece collection includes a metal tank dress with black lace trim(Sorry Dolce, this metal is wearable, spiked leggings(Margelia, you've offically have competition), and the bail out suit(pictured left).America's economy may be down but come fall, It's the Ellie Owen stock that will be on the rise. visit for more.

Film: The Gloaming  


The Gloaming takes office space to an eerie dimension following the misfortune of a worker ensnared by his cubicle and haunted by sinister visitors during the nightshift. A tale of macabre absurdity, The Gloaming plunges this unwitting protagonist into a cycle of nightmares.

Director: Andrew Huang
Starring Randall Rickert

John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts | School of Cinematic Arts

Weird: No Wash Underwear  


Are they serious???? No Wash Underwear is designed to hide all stains and eliminate the embarrassment. Stated on their website (, "It’s simple - a pair of underwear that's yellow in the front and brown in the back. You never even have to wash them". WHOA!!!


Film: Fernand's Birthday  


Fashion: Legos  


Artist: Kristen Solecki  


Born and raised in southern New Jersey; artist, Kristen Solecki, went to school at the University of the Arts in Philly. She says, "Recently I'm inspired by old 1930s photos that I have found and the stories behind the people in them." Kristen works completely in traditional media; mainly in paint, ink and sometimes collage. More of her work at:

Fashion: Great minds dress alike  


William Shakespeare has said "I see that fashion wears out more apparel than the man" and though this statement is true, we don't think he'd mind. Stussy has created a collection inspired by great philosophers and thinkers of the past including Albert Einstein(Pictured Left), Henry David Thoreau, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and of course William Shakespeare. The shirts go on sale tommorow March 21st, both in store and online at

Music: Trentemøller - The Very Last Resort  


Collage video by Karim Ghahwagi for "The Very Last Resort" from Trentemøller's album "The Last Resort"

Art: CBGB Toilet  


Brazilian born artist, Fernando Carpaneda, creates sculptures and paintings. In memory of New York City's infamous club, CBGB (which closed in October 2006), Fernando recently produced a beautiful sculpture that extremely mimics one of their toilets. CBGB was a venue for such bands like: Blondie, The Ramones, Misfits, Murphy's Law, Sick of It All, Youth of Today and many other. For more of Fernando's work, visit his website at:


Fashion: Warhol's Jeans  


Last June, Andy Warhol's birthday was celebrated with an issue of Interview dedicated to him--after all he was the magazine's creator. Marc Jacobs took to the cover in a powder white face and spiked out hair. It's safe to say that Warhol continues to influence the fashion industry from runway backdrops(Blumarine's Fall 2009), handbags by Loop, and now Pepe Jeans.Pepe jeans describes the collection as "bringing together the dynamic iconography of Warhol's timeless work with the heritage of one Europes best loved denim brands, the collection embraces the artists sophisticated sense of design abd features iconic images created by Andy Warhol across a range of mens and womens apparel and accessories." The collection can be purchased at

Film: Validation  


"Validation" is a fable about the magic of free parking. Starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis.
Writer/Director/Composer - Kurt Kuenne.
Winner - Best Narrative Short, Cleveland Int'l Film Festival
Winner - Jury Award, Gen Art Chicago Film Festival
Winner - Audience Award, Hawaii Int'l Film Festival
Winner - Best Short Comedy, Breckenridge Festival of Film
Winner - Crystal Heart Award, Best Short Film & Audience Award, Heartland Film Festival
Winner - Christopher & Dana Reeve Audience Award, Williamstown Film Festival
Winner - Best Comedy, Dam Short Film Festival
Winner - Best Short Film, Sedona Int'l Film Festival.

Artist: Jose Romero Jr.  


Praying for Dad | 60in x 70in | Oil on canvas

Malevolent Combat | 60in x 70in | Oil on canvas

Emotional Rancor Part 1 Top | 48in x 48in | Oil on canvas

Emotional Rancor Part 2 Bottom | 48in x 48in | Oil on canvas

The paintings of Jose Romero Jr. are a fusion of his Mexican-American identity and a dialogue with multiple art historical legacies. Jose studied Painting at Michigan State University, graduating in 2001 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree and then went on to receive his Masters of Visual Arts from the Art Institute of Boston in 2006. It was during graduate school where he asked himself why he painted and discovered he wanted to confess his story. He states:  "I develop my paintings largely through subconscious inspiration. Often, a symbol, an image, or a phrase will begin my creative process. Within this process an academic component of research drives my ideas. Methodical investigations into art history focusing on the storytelling paintings of the Northern Renaissance fuel my desire to understand myself as a painter. Studies into psychology create a deeper understanding of the implications my surreal imagery may carry. Cultural iconography along with the use of intense color and unique perspectives enhance the power of my imagery." For more of Jose's work visit:


Photos: Atisha Paulson in Mexico  


Photographer, Atisha Paulson, has recently come back from his trip from Mexico and wanted to share his experience through some of his photos. Atisha brought three camera's with him: a Contax G2, Yashika T4 and a Canon 1DS Mark 2; utlizing Fuji provia 64 tungston slide, Konica 200 centuria slide and Kodak 160T ektachrome color reversal slide film.

Originally from Santa Barbara, California but states he moved to New York City so he could feel the struggle harder. "I make art for the same reason I breath," says Atisha, "I'm an observationalist. I like to read, write, take pictures and record videos." For more of his work visit:

Shoes: Designer Kobi Levi  


Kobi Levi graduated from Bezalel academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, in the jewelry and accessories design department. He now specializes in footwear design and development/making. He works as a freelance designer. In the past 5 years he collaborated with Skinsfootwear company and is currently working on his own men shoe line in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Developed industrial footwear in both Italy, China and Brazil. His work is presented in various exhibitions in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Verona, St. Etienne and Berlin. Kobi Levi: 'When I design a shoe I think about it as a sculpture to wear, an art piece you live with. You and your body affect its look and it affects yours. Footwear should have its life with and without being on the feet, on the contrary to cloths that exist only when being worn'.

Fashion: Carine Roitfeld Revealed  


Film: The Black Hole  


Written & Directed By: Phil and Olly


Photographer: Chris Knight  


Florida fashion photographer, Chris Knight has absolutely outstanding work; to say the least. His talent and experience speak for itself, so go see for yourself at:

(Additional Photo Credits - Model: Julie Anna Cole | MUA & Hair: In Your Face Makeup | Clothing: Essence)

Artist: Erika Rier  


Artist Erika ArtistMostly these days, artist, Erika Rier is drawing, doing some gouache work and loving her Moleskine notebook. Erika is a self-trained artist that was going to school for a psychology major; although never finished. She always considered herself a writer and not an artist until recently, though she's been drawing and painting since she was a teenager. Erika states she loves history and is often inspired by the small, personal narratives one finds in history which can be clearly shown throughout her artwork. Erika Rier was born in Maine, lived in Vermont and Connecticut but moved to NYC for love and is currently living in Brooklyn with her husband, daughter and 3 cats. 

Shoes: Thought Bubble  


Ever think of Betty Boop in extreme color? Well, check out Mike Shake Kick's newest collection 'Thought Bubble'. Four amazing Betty Boop choices for $69.99 per pair! Buy yours today at:

Photographer: Kaycee Vargas  


Nineteen year old photographer, Kaycee Vargas started her love for photography in Freshmen year of High School. She states: "All I wanted to do was take photos; however, life got in the way and now I work at Goodwill saving money so I can attend Pacific Northwest College of Art." Although, this has definately not stopped Kaycee from shooting. Be sure to check out more of her work at: Redbubble


Fashion: Magician Marc  


David Blaine may have mastered pulling rabbits out of hats but Marc Jacobs has mastered pulling names out of hats--his to be exact. Today, the nominees for The CFDA(Council of Fashion Designers of America) awards were announced and Marc was nominated in three categories including his work with Louis Vuitton, Accessories, and the coveted Designer of the year. He may be up against Vera, Narciso, Proenza, and the Mulleavy sisters but were sure Marc will work his magic like he has done many times before.

Music: KAADA
Song: From Here On It Got Rough


Video from the KAADA album: "Music for Moviebikers"
Directed By: Louviere + Vanessa

Artist: Acrylicana  


The kooky Detroit based illustrative artist and designer, Mary Winkler a.k.a. Acrylicana (pronounced "ah-krih-lih-cah-nah") produces stunning custom shoes, clothing, fashion accessories and prints each month. Be sure to check out her extensive work and store at:

Commerical Art: Coinstar Ad  


One of Coinstar's new commercial by New York City stop motion artist, Pes. For more of his films check out:


Fashion: Couture Candy  


"I like candy when it's wrapped in a sweater" were the words uttered by Bow Wow Wow in the 1982 hit song 'I Want Candy'. Still life photographer, Massimo Gammacurta, took these lyrics far to literally judging by his latest project--Fashion Lollipops. Now you can wear your Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci and eat them too.

Photography: Rarely Visited  


Photographer Marlo Kovach ( quotes Henry Thoreau in saying: “It is easier to discover another such a new world as Columbus did, than to go within one fold of this which we appear to know so well; … and still history accumulates like a rubbish before the portals of nature. But there is only necessary a moment’s sanity and sound senses, to teach us that there is a nature behind the ordinary…”

Kovach's work very much focuses on this statement; the generality of a place and how that place is subject to change while projecting a false perception of time. He states, visiting new places that remind him of his own past enables that past and the new place to become one. Furthermore he says, "It is not my intention to push my past or my history on the viewer. My hope is that these images become triggers for the viewer to flash if only for an instant back to another time, place or moment in their own history."

Art Film: Kraut Stop Motion  


By: Nicola Ferrarese & Corrado Agnese
With the help of: Valentina Mantello & Marzia Pellegatta
Copyright GnamSpot 2009

Fashion: Look For Less - 3.1 Phillip Lim  


1.Curtain Drape Knit Top, $17.80,

2.Abstract Mini, $15.80,

3.Roulette Lace Up Sandal, $120.00 or £60.00,

4.Tiara Rhinestone Necklace, $12.80,

Glimpse Back: Diana Ross & The Supremes  


The most successful black performers of the 1960s, The Supremes, for a time rivaled even the Beatles in terms of red-hot commercial appeal, reeling off five number one singles in a row at one point. The Supremes were not an overnight success story, although it might have seemed that way when they began topping the charts with sure-fire regularity. The trio that would become famous as the Supremes -- Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, and Florence Ballard.


Artist: Murat Suyer  



The White Chocolate

Silent Scream

Photos Courtesy:Deviantart

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