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Artist: Barbara J. Lloyd  


Barbara J. Lloyd is a full-time working artist who creates in Mixed Media, Acrylics, Collage, and Digital Art/Photography. Her work has been exhibited at galleries in NYC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, and Cambridgeshire, UK. For more of Barbara's work visit

Film: The Dance  


The Dance tells the story of growing up unsure of oneself and trying to find a familiar face; connection amidst insecurity and unfamiliar (and thus), uncomfortable territory that accompanies youth. Three girls search for connection, a sense of belonging in a strange place.

Writer: Melody Idakaar
Camera Person: Luis Arnias, Miriam Wildey
Editor: Melody Idakaar
Sound Recording: Melody Idakaar
Original Music: Melody Idakaar
Lighting: Samara Watkiss

Art: Steampunk Insects  


Mike Libby makes steampunk insects from actual dried-up insects. The insects are taken from all around the world and each gear or mechanical piece are from antique pocket watches. Prices range from $600 to $2500; to view his entire collection visit


Film: Story from North America  


"Story from North America" (2007) by Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore. Music written and performed by Garrett Davis

Artist: Kurt McRobert  


Kurt McRobert is an illustrator living and working in Brooklyn, originally from St. Pete, Florida. Lately Kurt has been doing a lot of posters and flyers for bands. He states, "I'm just a guy making pictures that hopefully do not add to the assloads of visual clutter already polluting our world." As a side fact, Kurt also says, "Appetite For Destruction is the greatest album of all time. I dare you to tell me otherwise."Website: - Blog:


Music: Grizzly Bear - While You Wait for the Others  


Photographer: Abdul Smith  


Brooklyn based fashion photographer Abdul Smith’s work incorporates a mix of photographic references, dating back to the days of grainy black and white film to the vintage days of Polaroid and the modernity of today’s digital age. Abdul has defined his approach to photography with improvisation, movement, and an appreciation for light sources of all types. The result has been an interesting range of rawness to elegance that now constitutes his shooting style.

additional work can be seen on >


Art: Last Meals on Canvas  


Kate MacDonald is an artist from Canada and is currently living in Vancouver; her cityscapes and light boxes have most recently exhibited at Vancouver's CANVAS Gallery; her continuing series of Last Meal paintings, which she considers her most important work, have been shown throughout Texas, as well as being exhibited in California, Conneticut, Ohio, and Vancouver. Read and view Kate's progress on Darrell Grayson's last meal painting.

Last meal of Ruben Cantu, believed to be wrongfully convicted and executed in Texas, - 24 x 20", oil on canvas. © Kate MacDonald, All Rights Reserved.

Last meal of Cameron Todd Willingham, wrongfully convicted and executed in Texas by death penalty - 20 x 16", oil on canvas

Last meal of James Colburn, death penalty - 20 x 16", oil on canvas

In progress of the last meal of Stanley Tookie Williams - 12 x 12", oil on canvas

Music Art: Birds on the Wires  


Jarbas Agnelli was reading a newspaper and saw a picture of birds on electric wires. He cut out the photo and decided to make a song using the exact location of the birds as notes (no Photoshop editing). He was just curious to hear what melody the birds were creating, below is the result.


Jewelry: Fingerprint Rings  


Brent Williams is a Maine College of Art Alumni specializing in metalsmithing and jewelry. With 13 years experience and known for his expert skills and creativity Brent makes stunning custom pieces with your fingerprint in many different styles. Currently, Brent lives in Coastal Maine with his wife and two children. For more information and to shop for his fingerprint rings and other jewelry, visit his Etsy store.

Art Show Tomorrow Night In Los Angeles  



Video Art: Thomas Hicks Animation Montage  



Short Film: Snakesweat  


Directed by Barney Clay.A mescaline-infused short featuring the band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing severely warped versions of themselves. Together, they try to "lose their minds in order to recover purity of truth."

Video Art: Piece  


Joint project with an artist Igor Skaletsky and drummer Evgeniy Labich. Stop motion animation is based on photos representing every stage of making collage. Parts of the drummer’s live performance are arranged and mixed in one track.

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